How it works.


The building blocks of every Prysm video wall are the next-generation Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) tiles. An advanced optical sub-system directs the light from an array of ultra-violet lasers onto a screen made of a plastic-glass hybrid material coated with color phosphor stripes. The lasers scan the screen line by line from top to bottom. The energy from the lasers' light activates the phosphors, which emit photons, producing a brilliant image.


Key components.


Measuring 20 inches wide by 15 inches high, LPD tiles are highly configurable. Dozens or hundreds of them can be assembled to create digital displays over 100 feet wide and 10 feet high. LPD tiles create beautiful images with wide viewing angles, are energy efficient and use no consumables. Download the TD2 tile specification sheet for details.

Image Processor

The image processor accepts standard video inputs (DVI-D, HDMI and DisplayPort) from an upstream video wall controller, media player or PC and distributes this video (along with configuration and control information) to the LPD tiles that comprise the display. In response, the tiles return health, status and performance information that are used by the image processor to automatically ensure brightness and color uniformity across the video wall display over time. Download the IP2 image processor specification sheet and Display Manager software specification sheet for details.

Backing Frame

Our scalable and flexible frames are designed to support LPD tile arrays with the precision necessary to maintain our video wall’s virtually seamless display. Their modular structure also enables your creativity, offering designers the flexibility to assemble Prysm tiles into varying form factors and sizes. Available in two forms, download the specification sheets for more information: Standard Frame specification sheet and PF2 premium frame specification sheet.

Key benefits.

Easy on the eyes

Prysm video walls are the ideal combination of size, resolution and brightness, delivering a visual experience that helps reduce viewer fatigue.

No bad view in the house

With 178º viewing angles, Prysm video walls with LPD technology deliver excellent views from nearly anywhere in the room.

Interactivity at your fingertips

With touch, annotation, gesture, or "bring your own mobile device," a wide range of interactivity options are at your command.

Keep it together

Prysm video walls with LPD technology have no bezels that can break up the image and detract from the visual experience. The result: an unrivaled digital canvas for communication, collaboration or entertainment.

Unrivaled visuals

With high-level image quality, amazing contrast and sharpness, and the ability to handle fast-moving images with no motion blur, Prysm video walls with LPD technology blow away competing large format display solutions.

Engaging experiences

Employing a tile-based architecture, Prysm video walls with LPD technology can be tailored for the needs of your specific space. Assembled on site, components can be transported and set up almost anywhere with ease.

Keeping it cool

With the excellent energy efficiency of LPD technology, Prysm video walls run cool to the touch and require no additional HVAC or electrical infrastructure.  

Sustainably smart

Prysm video walls with LPD technology use up to 75% less energy when compared to competing large format display solutions and use no consumables.


Award winning.


Prysm video wall solutions built on LPD technology have garnered industry acclaim for their beauty, energy efficiency and ability to engage audiences.