Dubai TV Upgrades Broadcast Sports Studio With Prysm Video Wall Solutions

San Jose, CA | August 22, 2014

Prysm Inc., a privately held designer of total display solutions that create unrivaled immersion and engagement, today announced the recent update to Dubai Media Inc’s (DMI) Dubai TV Sports Studio, one of the largest and most advanced studios in the Middle East. The completion of the renovation included repurposing two Prysm video walls into a new Olympic-series video wall measuring 30ft wide by 6ft high.

“DMI plays an important role as a national institution that embraces Emirati talent, and the state-of-the-art Dubai TV Sports Studio has taken significant measures to maintain its leading edge over competitors,” said Ayman A. Mroueh, Head of Operations for DMI. “We have revamped the studio infrastructure integrating only hardware meeting the highest international standards.”

Setting an environmentally conscience standard for others to follow, DMI is the first paper and printer-free studio of its kind in the Middle East. Prysm contributes to DMI’s green initiative with its foundational Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology that helps reduce energy consumption by up to 75 percent versus traditional large format display technologies.

“Prysm video walls deliver crisp and clear images with ultra-wide 178 degree viewing angles.  This gives the studio tremendous flexibility in camera placement,” said Ihab El Baba, managing director of Baba Broadcast Services. “Combined with its high energy efficiency and low-heat generation, LPD technology enables an ideal display solution for broadcast applications.”

The video wall is used as a correspondence and backdrop display for presenters during live broadcasts, therefore the technology platform selected had to perform under intense studio conditions. Also important to broadcast, Prysm video walls are bezel-free displays that deliver unsurpassed image quality, amazing contrast and sharpness, and handle fast moving video with no motion blur. They run cool to the touch, a pivotal benefit for hot studio environments.  

“It is an honor to be working with Baba Broadcast Services and Dubai Media Inc. We implemented a large video wall for DMI news center and based on our product performance and service delivery, DMI has chosen us for their state-of-the-art sports studio,” said Tanvir Osama, director of sales for the Middle East and India regions at Prysm. “We are proud to be part of this iconic facility with LPD technology offering brilliant image quality, unmatched viewing angles, and the industry’s most energy efficient and eco-friendly solutions.”

Prysm Olympic-series video walls built on the scalable LPD architecture can be tailored for the specific needs of any space. They deliver tremendous visual impact for broadcast, lobbies, executive briefing centers, auditoriums and command & control applications.  

About Dubai Media Incorporated
Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) achieved through its multiple media channels (press, radio and TV) remarkable success and prestigious status on the level of media in the Arab world and reached a maximum number of viewers regionally and internationally owing to its creative, meaningful and relevant content, that always strives to embody the spirit of originality and modernity.

Through a clear vision that focuses on innovation and quality, and working in line with the strategic objectives of the government of Dubai, DMI seeks to create an archive of distinctive Arabic media resources that represent creative and meaningful television content, while respecting social, cultural, and family values in the UAE.

About Prysm Inc.
Prysm is a Silicon Valley-headquartered company delivering total display solutions that create unrivaled immersion and engagement. Combining groundbreaking hardware, software and services, Prysm is revolutionizing the world of large-scale displays.  Prysm’s Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) platform is a key foundational technology that makes possible breathtakingly beautiful, scalable and versatile video walls.  Prysm display solutions serve major brands worldwide including leaders in technology, retail, financial services and media as well as governments and universities.  Prysm has a global sales and support network with offices in Boston, Chicago, Indianapolis, New York, San Jose, London, Bangalore, Dubai and Beijing. Learn more at