Information delivered brilliantly.


Olympic video walls allow architects, designers and brand managers to create unique, engaging experiences that make an impact. They offer an unmatched combination of breathtaking beauty, unprecedented scalability and best-in-class energy efficiency.


Make a larger-than-life impact.


Whether in an executive briefing center or a corporate lobby, Olympic video walls create an immersive and engaging visual experience that elevates your brand and makes a lasting impression on your guests.


IAC is home to one of the largest video walls in the world - a 120' wide x 10' high Prysm video wall. At a recent open house, IAC CIO, Vincent Luciani, and Sensory Interactive CEO, Randy Byrd, discussed the benefits of Prysm's video wall solutions and why Prysm was chosen by IAC.

Set the stage for a command performance.


Ultra-wide viewing angles mean that every seat in the house enjoys the beautiful image quality delivered by an Olympic video wall. Bright under normal ambient lighting, your audience won’t be left sitting in the dark.


Deliver an unforgettable show.


With artifact-free video playback, uniform brightness and color, and the ability to quickly adjust white point over a wide range, the camera loves Olympic video walls.


Beijing TV (BTV), one of the most influential broadcasters in China, offering a diverse mix of news, sports and entertainment to an audience of over 300 million viewers, selected Prysm video wall solutions to build one of the most immersive and technologically advanced broadcast studio environments in the industry.

Bring it all together.


Olympic command and control video wall solutions integrate all your mission critical information on a single digital canvas, allowing you to focus on important issues and make better, faster decisions.


Groundbreaking digital display technology.


At the heart of Prysm's beautiful, versatile and scalable Olympic video walls is Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology. Fundamentally different from competing technologies, LPD video walls offer brilliant image quality and the industry’s most energy-efficient and eco-friendly solution.