Easy, powerful, everywhere.


Prysm Visual Workplace delivers a seamless collaboration experience that helps organizations drive active engagement, streamline communications, increase productivity and accelerate the time to decision.


Prysm Application Suite is packed with tools that bring together people, content and ideas. Download the Prysm Application Suite specification sheet.


Dynamic content

Display, resize, position and annotate streaming video, web apps, documents, presentations, images and inputs from laptops and mobile devices.

Anywhere access

Store content in the public or private cloud for access from any Prysm system. Download the collaboration server specification sheet to learn more about our on-premise solution.

Share Projects

All of your content is organized in projects and workspaces in your own personal account and can be shared as you choose.

Content persistence

Your content is saved just the way you left it, so you can pick up where you left off.

Real-time, multi-site collaboration

Extend the real-time collaboration experience across as many as 10 Prysm systems.

Display independent

Prysm Visual Workplace accurately renders content to fit the screen regardless of the aspect ratio.

Follow me

Follow-me mode automatically pans the Prysm screen focus to the currently active content of a mirrored system.  


Markup and annotation

Choose from multiple pen colors and stroke widths to annotate any file, browser or live source.

Web browser

Access your web-based applications and content through the integrated web browser.

Capture and share content

Take snapshots of your content, even video, and share it via email.


Pull up a whiteboard to draw free form sketches, take notes or brainstorm.

Scalable keyboard

You can access on-screen keyboards to type notes or input text.

Snap grids

Organize your content with configurable snap grids.

On screen controls

On-screen controls let you make video calls, pan and zoom a camera, adjust volume, size and position dynamic keyboards, and play and pause videos.


The remote touch console is the ideal solution for auditoriums and training rooms. With all the power of Prysm Application Suite, the 23” HD touch screen controls any mirrored video wall enabling users to preview content before presenting. Download the Prysm Remote Touch Console specification sheet.


Remote touch console at InfoComm 2015