The Workplace is Changing

The workplace is changing – transforming to align with how work gets done in today’s modern world. Traditional office spaces are being reimagined with visual, digital technologies that spur faster insights and productivity. Meanwhile, many remote employees now define “office" as "anywhere.” What is a workplace in today’s digital age? More importantly, how can global teams collaborate to produce their best work regardless of everyone’s location? Prysm can help solve these challenges.


Today's Workplace Challenges

  • Global and remote teams struggle with productivity.
  • Ineffective collaboration slows decisions.
  • Faster innovation requires engaged employees.
  • Data for insights is difficult to access and visualize.
  • It is impossible to combine and interact with existing tools on one screen.

The Promise of the Digital Workplace

The digital workplace promises to address these challenges – by increasing employee engagement, productivity and revenue growth. However, fragmented enterprise collaboration and communication tools make achieving a digital workplace a challenge.

Digital Workplace ROI


2015 Avanade Digital Workplace Survey

The Solution: Prysm Visual Workplace

Workplace technology has a strong influence on employee motivation, performance and productivity. Prysm Visual Workplace is a new way of work where applications, content, video conferencing and the web are easily combined into a touch-interactive visual workspace where teams can simultaneously create, edit, share and store content. These user-friendly digital workspaces are available on any device and stored in the cloud for maximum productivity. Our software and display solutions span from conference room to remote location, executive visit center to data lab, huddle room to custom large-scale info walls — and every type of workspace in between. We can help you define your new way of work.


A Complete Solution

Prysm Visual Workplace is a complete solution for helping you define a new way of work. The offering includes the following:

Prysm Application Suite

Dynamic software that combines any application, the web, and video conferencing solution into one seamless digital workspace for an experience that can be shared and simultaneously worked on by many locations at the same time.

Prysm Cloud

Stores and organizes content into cloud-based digital workspaces enabling persistent access, increased productivity and seamless collaboration experiences for global and remote teams. Flexible deployment options include virtual private or on premise cloud.

Prysm Mobile

Access private or shared cloud workspaces from anywhere on any device.

Prysm Displays

Large touch-screen displays in a wide variety of sizes that are up to 75% more energy efficient and manufactured using sustainable materials. Standard sizes of 65", 85", 117", 190" – and the ability to custom-create any size larger or in between.

Services and Support

Prysm is dedicated to providing an unparalleled level of support. Our global team of technicians is available 24/7 to address any concerns and ensure that all your needs are met.