The Modern Boardroom

Today's digital workplace demands a modern boardroom. Prysm Visual Workplace Solutions quickly link the right people together to brainstorm ideas, solve problems and improve strategic decision-making. Content, applications, videoconferencing and the web are united and collaboration with remote colleagues is seamless via interactive touch-screen displays. Presentations are more dynamic, meetings are more productive, and everything is shared and stored in the cloud.

Unify Content

Unite, share and store applications, content, the web, video and more. Touch screens and integrated content makes data more visual and actionable.


Create cloud-based workspaces that increase engagement, enhance productivity and provide insights for faster decisions.

Any Screen, Anywhere

Cloud-based digital workspaces can be private or shared and are available from anywhere – so you can connect remote employees to your board rooms.

Drive Faster Insights

See how Prysm solutions facilitate collaboration and productivity in the boardroom enabling faster, better decisions.


Customer Case Studies


PhRMA Executive Boardroom

“We are extremely excited to have Prysm in our executive boardroom. Its touch-enabled, 190”-diagonal screen adds a dynamic element to the many high-profile meetings we have in this room. When our staff walk into the room, they are connected and actively participate and engage in meetings.”

– Doug Compton, chief information officer and vice president of operations for PhRMA

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Agnico Eagle Executive Boardroom

“Agnico Eagle had toured Advanced’s display showroom, and decided on Prysm to enhance office suite work, conduct presentations and host videoconferencing sessions.”

– Omar Prashad, general manager of systems integration for Advanced

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