The Experience Matters

Engage your visitors with innovative, collaborative presentations, custom visual content and interactive touch-screen displays.


Interactive touch-screen displays enable you to easily share dynamic content, video, the web and more. Presentations become dynamic and interactive.



Create custom cloud-based workspaces that engage customers in your vision and showcase solutions or data to enable faster planning and decisions.



Drive collaboration and engagement with customers and an experience that can be shared across any device.


Customer Case Studies

Wipro Customer Experience Center

“We have designed a space that truly showcases the great benefits Wipro solutions and services can deliver for our customers. We’ve moved from passive presentations to driving engagement and collaboration with customers through the capabilities of Prysm.”

– Ayan Mukerji, chief executive,  Global Media and Telecom & Product Engineering Services at Wipro

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CROSSMARK Center for Collaboration

“The team here is thrilled to roll out Prysm in our new Center for Collaboration. I know our partners and customers will be impressed with the ability to conduct digital modular planning and realize faster, data-driven decision making.”

– Mike Graen, vice president of collaboration at CROSSMARK.

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GE Customer Experience Center

“Working closely with Prysm, the Customer Experience Center came together flawlessly. Prysm’s latest solution offers free-form flexibility and life-like imagery that will engage audiences in this unique, educational setting.”

– David Weatherhead, VP of APG Displays.

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