Huddle Up

Huddle rooms, or small conference rooms, are a modern, agile approach to meetings and working groups. Perfect for quick team collaboration, these informal spaces bring flexibility to everything from brainstorming to decision making. Prysm's Visual Workplace solutions can help you increase the productivity of your huddle room.

Unify Content

Unite, share and store applications, content, the web, video and more. Touch screens and integrated content makes data more visual and actionable.



Create cloud-based workspaces that increase employee engagement, enhance productivity and provide insights for faster decisions.


Access From Anywhere

Cloud-based digital workspaces can be private or shared and are available from anywhere – so you can connect remote employees to your huddle rooms.


Prysm: The Perfect Fit for Huddle Rooms

  • From the huddle room to the boardroom, Prysm Visual Workplace solutions increase employee engagement, productivity and drive faster revenue growth
  • The Prysm solution includes software, displays and cloud services – so every huddle session is saved for future access
  • Persistent workspaces allow work achieved in huddle rooms to easily be shared and developed in the boardroom and with global teams
  • 65" LCD displays fit into smaller rooms while providing the canvas-size needed to interact and collaborate